Golden Visa

Created in 2012 by the Portuguese authorities to attract foreign investment, the Golden Visa program offers a fast way for property investors from countries outside the European Union to obtain a permanent residence permit valid in Portugal and also allows free circulation within the majority of the European countries (Schengen Area).

Under the Golden Visa program, non-EU citizens only need to make one of the investments provided for by law in order to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

What are its benefits and advantages?

  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa to enter Portugal
  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa to travel in Europe (Schengen Area)
  • Living and working in Portugal, even if resident in a different country
  • Extremely low minimum stay periods
  • Permanent residence
  • Residence extended to relatives

What are the requirements for obtaining it?

Each type of qualifying investment with specific characteristics, as follows:

Real Estate Acquisition

Fund Transfer

  • Minimum investment of € 1,000,000
  • Funds transferred from abroad to a bank in Portugal
  • Total independence to invest the funds
  • Possibility of using the funds to invest in shares of companies

Job Creation

  • Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs
  • There is no minimum investment amount
  • Without limitation of areas / activities
  • Possibility of subsidies / incentives / benefits

Where to apply for the Golden Visa?

  • Submit the application online at: SEF
  • Deliver the application to the Portuguese Diplomatic and Consular Posts abroad
  • Deliver the application to the Directorates and Regional Delegations of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service